Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shaykh Faraz: Trials and Blessings

"Trials are a blessings and blessings are a trial."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quantifying Baraka

Shaykh Ramzy had his weekly halaqa at Risalah last weekend. In it he quoted Shaykh Yahya from Shaykh Yahya's talk at ISNA on Friday (which I was unable to attend) where Shaykh Yahya had said that:

"Doing a lot does not result in Baraka but it is Baraka which results in a lot."

Shaykh Ramzy commented that this could mean that you sleep less but your still not tired. It could mean that you eat less but still be full. It could mean that someone said a few words but their impact was a lot. Subhnallah. May Allah increase us in Baraka.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whats Halal Meat?

A person I know asked us the difference between halal meat and other meat. To make a long story short we told him that the wisdom behind halal meat is that intentions are important in Islam and that as God created the animal, we could only kill the animal if it was done in the name of God (i.e. by saying Bismilah). If we dont kill the animal in the name of God then we really have no right to take the animal's life. We mentioned there were other details to halal meat as well (in terms of how you do it,etc.) but this was probably the overarching wisdom in being commanded to eat halal meat.

Allah sent us this explanation and it seemed to have worked well (better then anything we have said to anyone else before about halal meat) and so we decided to share it.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pointing Fingers

Be it your personal life or otherwise, online or offline, we deal with all kinds of people and issues.

When trying to complete a task/project/etc. we want things to go and get fulfilled in a certain way but if Allah wills otherwise that we get annoyed at the person we are dealing with, rather then trying to resolve the issue at hand and trying to get the task/project/etc. done. We make people issues and everything becomes about I and you and fault rather then the issue at hand.

Inshahallah next time we fall in a situation where there is a conflict/issue we can focus on resolving the issue rather then fixing the blame while learning from our fast.

Everything comes from Allah so pointing fingers and blaming doesn't help. As a Shaykh once said when you point one fingers at other four fingers are pointing at you.