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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Goats, originally uploaded by hammadin.

The Festival of Abraham (EId) is on Friday and while there are sellers who have major bazaars there are also sellers who venture into residential areas to sell goats. Four such goats are seen here. We have bought shares in a cow and my brother is sacraficing a goat.


khany said...

eid mubarak hammad. and please wish your family too on my behalf.

btw, i count 5 goats in the picture!

Ozair said...

I thought it was weird how people would tie up goats for a few days before Eid before sacrificing them. I don't think that would fly here :)

Eid Mubarak Hammad! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Eid. I am sure it was a lot more festive than Toronto.