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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The value of...

I have been thinking about how we value different things. How we prioritize these things, determines how we act towards the object/person we value.

The value of your gaze is reduced when you use it for something that it should not be used for. The value of your job should ideally be less than the value of your relationships with your family. The value of people from whom you gain beneficial knowledge should be higher then others. The value of acting on the knowledge you gain should be higher then the knowledge itself. The value of giving something should be higher then gaining something because in the end giving will result in more gaining ( even if we don't know it). The value of your friends should not be based on what they have but rathar on what they are (internally). The value of something good is lost if it is not used in a good way (i.e. with proper adab). The value of a a car is not how it looks but on where it is going (masjid?). The value of your marriage is higher when you use it as a means rather then as an end. The value of what you preach is higher, when you say what you mean, and mean what you say-when you do what you say. The value of a smile is the happiness it brings to another's heart. The value of our deeds is only as good as what we intend. The value of intellect is reduced if we use it on useless things.

The value of what we should value is determined by knowledge. The most valuable of knowledge is knowledge of deen (our beliefs, sunnah, etc).

And why should we value everything we value? For the pleasure of Allah.

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