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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shaykh Zahir: On Ignorance

Alhamdaulillah, Shaykh Zahir defined ignorance while covering Hikam 35 today . He said:

"Ignorance is satisfaction with one's own ignorance"



Raf3 said...

isn't that an infinite loop? i.e. Ignorance is satisfaction with you own ignorance which is satisfaction with your own ignorance which is...
... I think you might want to explain the context in which Shaykh Zahir mentioned it for the sake of clarity.

Din said...

Thats it! One should try to to get outside that infite loop.

Essentially the more one knows the more dis-satisfied one should be with oneself and try to improve. So knowledge should be a humbling and not an empowering experience. It should really expose one's finite-ness when compared to the infinite.

Also, one doesn't trust oneself to improve but one puts trust in Allah i.e. that he will help one improve by giving us tawfiq through his mercy.