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Friday, April 10, 2009

Punjabi Wise Sayings 9: The Gardener

Mali da kam pani dena bhar bhar mashkan paway
Malik da kam phal phul laona laway ya na laway


The gardener's job is to water ( the garden)
Working hard day after day
It is God's job to make the fruit grow ( in the garden)
And it's up to God to decide to make the fruit grow or not


The Gardner's job is to water the garden and work hard day after day. Hence the gardener is only responsible for taking the means and working hard. The results ( fruits) of this hard work are in God's hand and hence it is God's decision if he makes the fruit grow or not i.e. it is not for the Gardener's job to worry about the results of his hard work.

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One of my favorite ones!