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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Restart button and Tawba

We were reflecting on how restarting our computer can sometimes help the functioning of our computers and speed up things and help us start afresh. Sometimes, the closing of non functional programs is not good enough and one has to start with a clean slate.

Restarting our computers almost seems like its repentance (tawba).

Things are usually much better after we restart, alhamdulillah. We want to restart our computers and keep them in running condition before they deteriorate to a point where the restart button wont do the trick and they will be shut forever.


Naeem: said...


Nice post. But the rebooting only works if you're running Windows. What if you have Linux? ;-)

Unknown said...

Mac Muslims need less rebooting. :)

Jainblu said...

:) salamu walaykum sister
my smile is for the comments of those before me.
I liked your post though.
It was a nice way of drawing parallel

H said...

Got me thinking..

I guess, some of us are more windows than others. And others ALhamdulillah are Mac and *NIX!

May Allah make us all *NIXs ;)