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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Muslim American Goat Farmer!

An interesting story:

Mukit Hossain, who was a senior executive and civil rights activist in Northern Virginia, has given it all up to raise halal goats — goats raised and slaughtered by Islamic rites......

..........Some folks think I have completely lost it,” he said. “A friend said, ‘Why would you get a degree from Duke if you were going to become a farmer?’ ” Even his wife, Sabrina, an accounting student raised in Kuwait and Canada, wondered whether it was a good idea. (There was some precedent for Hossain’s decision: His grandfather, a prominent lawyer in Bangladesh, had at the height of his career given it all up to become a farmer. Everyone thought he had lost it, too.)..............

“I think that here, there’s not as much sense of keeping up with the Joneses,” Sabrina Hossain said. “I think this is the healthiest decision we’ve made.”


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