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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Christian Science Monitor: A tribute to my mom's moral influence

Christian Science Monitor has an article written by a successful professional, who talks about this one little incident at the age of 10, where he burried the neighbor's porch with tomatos. He goes on and writes about how his mom's subsequent dealing with this incident shaped his life.

I think almost everyone ( when they were younger) has had little positive instances like the one narrated in this article. It seemed insignificant at the time but it's affects basically linger on for the rest of you lives ( for example I remember the consequences there were if I ever lied....also I think if parents practice what they preech it has a even more significant impact). And thats one of the reasons we should be thankful to our parents. Anyways read this!

Every time I see a tomato vine loaded with ripening fruit, I think of my mother. I have never forgotten the lesson she taught me after my complete destruction of our neighbor's summer Beefsteak harvest nearly 50 years ago. She created a moral bond with me that forever linked me to her strong sense of right and wrong. I don't know if she ever realized how powerfully her involvement in my punishment influenced the formation of my ethical compass. READ ON

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