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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Please Donate: Oshawa Masjid!!!

My local masjid needs your support because:

  • The current masjid is in an extremely dire condition. The structure is deteriorating by the day and is beginning to fall apart both inside and out.
  • The current masjid has been officially categorized as a "Heritage B" property by the City of Oshawa. This means that it is on the City's list of properties which could potentially be designated a full-fledged HISTORICAL SITE. If declared a HISTORICAL SITE, we would be prohibited from undertaking any new masjid projects.
  • The current facility is not adequate enough to meet the needs of the masjid attendees. With limitations in both space and layout, the current masjid has no accommodations for sisters. Furthermore, many brothers are forced to offer their Jumma and Eidain prayers in the basement as space in the main prayer hall is limited. Finally, there are no dedicated classrooms for children's evening Qur'an and Fiqh classes.
  • Their are no accommodations for persons with physical disabilities and impairments.
  • A new, beautiful masjid is needed to reflect our beautiful Deen of Islam.

"We rely on your financial support to successfully complete this project and requesting you to donate generously toward this worthy cause. We are greatly thankful to you for your generous donation and continued support.

You can make a secure donation through or Paypal . You may also download the pledge form and mail to the Islamic Centre of Oshawa.

For more information on this project (HD: and to donate), please click here."


Humairah Irfan said...

Hey, I've been in that Masjid once back in 2005..

Anonymous said...

I am asking about masjid image.
Is it by photoshop?