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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Small decision? big impact?

I have been reflecting recently on the seemingly small decisions I have taken in life over the past few years and see so many small little decisions which may affect the rest of my life without me knowing that at the time of the decision.

Think about saying something to someone which you thought was insignificant but snowballed into something big ( negative or positive). Think about the time you decided to go to an event or a place which you thought would be a normal trip but that trip has changed your life. Think about filling out a form or writing an email/letter which you thought was a regular document but the results of which have left you astounded.

We make little decisons every day that can change our lives. Make sure you use the right means to think about what your doing and why, even if it takes a few seconds.

Inshahallah, we take the proper means in the right way with true intention and goals making dua along the way; and leave the results to Allah.


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Anonymous said...

Ameen to your prayer :) The Prayer for Guidance is worth mentioning as a supplement to your true and enlightening post. We never know the impact of even our smallest decisions or kindnesses, sometimes not until years later.

Ya Haqq!