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Monday, February 18, 2008

Changethis: Humanize it

A great document on customer service from Changethis called "Humanize it". It really narrows down how we should treat our clients> While the document is talking about client service, I will argue you can apply the same pricniples to your social life/marriage/etc. Our entire lives are consisting of give and take relationships and if we do look at our social contacts as clients then we would probably use the same principles. Islamically, your relatives, friends, neighbors would all be your clients and your payments would not be expected this world but in the hereafter, so you would treat them well for the sake of Allah.

My favorite part in the document is:

Principle 2. To assist an upset customer,
transform yourself into Leonardo’s Itali an Mama:
“Oh my darling, look at what happened. Oh you skinned your knee on that walkway,
my little bambino; do let me kiss your ouchie.* Let’s watch a little TV.
Oh, and here’s some ice cream for you while I disinfect that awful wound!”

The reaction to complaints in conventional companies is nothing like that.

It’s: “Let’s sort out the facts of the situation. What was the angle of the cement sidewalk at time of impact, and were you wearing proper protective clothing per the user’s manual at the time your knee impacted the walkway?”

“Were you exceeding the sidewalk speed limit?”
Read full document here.

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