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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sh Faraz Quote: The reality of what we do....

" The reality of what we do is why we are doing it" Shaykh Faraz.

Very profound. Thinking of what we are doing beyond the physical and on an intulectual and spiritual realm is quintessential to adding sincerity to what we are doing. The immediate thing that comes to mind is "intention". While our aim should be that our intention in each and every thing we do is that our actions are for the pleasure of Allah, there may be sub intentions which we might want to ponder about. So for example, you volunteer at an organization. One of your intentions for volunteering could be that you want to seek good company by volunteering. The sub-intention of good company would fall under seeking good company to get closer to Allah SWT.

Anyways please do think about what you are doing and why you are doing. it doesn't take that long, perhaps a few seconds. And if it is a long project that you plan to embark on, then it might be a worthwhile to sit down for longer and to think it through...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent quote and a good point about intention. Here is an old post that talks about just that:

Ya Haqq!