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Monday, December 01, 2008

Hatim al-Assamm on the Prayer.

It is related of Hatim al-Assamm, may God be pleased whim, that he said, in answer to a question about Prayer: ' When the time of prayer is at hand, I make a proper ablution, go to the spot where I intend to pray and sit there till all my limbs and organs are in a collected state. Then I stand to preform my Prayer, placing Ka'ba between my brows, the Bride-over-Hell beneath my feat, Paradise to my right and Hell to my left, and the Angel of Death behind me, thinking all the while that this is my final Prayer. Then I stand between hope and fear, I carefully pronounce " Allahu Akbar!" Then I recite the Quran harmoniously, bow in humility and prostrate myself submissively. I then sit on my left haunch, spreading out the top of my left foot and raising my right foot on the toes. I follow this with sincerity. Then I wonder whether or not my Prayer has been accepted.'

Taken from Imam Ghazlai's Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship translated by Mukhtar Holland.

1 comment:

Raf3 said...

Jazakum Allahu khayrun Sidi. That's got my heart shaking
... and how do we prepare before we bow to our Lord... something I personally need to think about!
May Allah increase us in khushu in our prayers and may He make us aware of the actions we perform during our salah.