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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh Flooding displaces a million people in 2 days! (Pakistan Flood Related Articles)

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Out of sight, out of mind, seems to be an apt proverb for the woes of the people of Dera Ismail Khan (DIK), where around 800,000 people are grappling with the horrors of the devastating floods. Malik Aslam Awan, a local journalist, said that, according to authorities, 32,000 houses have been destroyed, with 160 villages washed away and thrice the number partially damaged. But the sluggish response of the authorities had managed to distribute only about 7,500 tents to the survivors. READ MORE HERE:

At the end of the journey, Mallah says that he is not happy. “The school where we are staying was a garbage dump when we arrived,” he said, adding that even though they had cleared it of garbage, the school is still a far sight away from being fit for habitation. “Even the fans are out of order,” he said, all the while blaming the Thatta administration for the hurried evacuation notice.

"Diarrhea and cholera pose significant risks to already vulnerable communities and every effort must be taken to ensure clean water and proper sanitation remains a priority," Elsharkawi said in a news release issued this month.

Even though we've been asked to dig into our pockets and contribute to a multitude of causes over the last several months, helping Pakistani flood victims is vital.

As residents along the St. John River can attest to, there is little worse than having your life up-ended and belongings destroyed by overflowing water.

Fresh flooding in southern Pakistan has displaced almost a million people in the past 48 hours, the UN has said.

In Sindh province, 70% of the 300,000 residents of the town of Thatta have been forced to flee to safer areas after the Indus river burst its banks.

A UN spokeswoman said teams in the south were working around the clock.

Further north, floodwaters are starting to recede, revealing the full extent of the damage caused by the disaster that has affected some 17 million people.

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