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Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane, the media, and more

So the World cup came to an end. One of the teams I was supporting won the World Cup ( i.e. Italy and the other being Germany who also made me proud :)).

While I am happy about Italy's win I am sad about the Zidane incident. Here are a few key observations:

  • No matter what was said leading upto the headbutt I think Zidane's action was wrong.
  • Zidane has a history of losing his temper. But thats okay because some of us do have less patience than others and perhaps Zidane was provoked. But to make that incident the focus of so much media attention is wrong
  • As usual we have two extremes in the media. Ironically both are trying to find out 's why Zidane did what he did. One saying that Zidane's action was provoked hence he was not at fault and the other saying that he ruined France's World Cup chances ( of course this side forgets that Zidane was the one who brought France so far in the first place).
  • The fact is that whats done is done no point in making this red card a mountain. A lot of other red cards have been results of provacations too. No one made them big issues. Whats even more pathetic is that this is being made a race issue in some media reports . For example read this quote from an American news media website which comments on Zidane:
  • But lashing out is nothing new to Zidane, who grew up playing on concrete in an impoverished immigrant neighborhood of Marseille, where fouls and insults are met with instant retribution.Perhaps he could never shake off that you-or-me mentality."You can take the man out of the rough neighborhood, but you can't take the rough neighborhood out of the man," striker Thierry Henry said Sunday.
  • On a more positive note, Sh Faraz has some good advice on his blog:
  • Umm Umar’s wise words about Zidane’s head-butt:
    “I’m surprised they wouldn’t consider being provoked on issuing this ‘red card’ or whatever it is.”

    (Her comment on my mentioning how sad I was at Zidane’s career apparently ending with a head-butt.)

    On a side note: we need to:

    (1) Take heed on the importance of restaining one’s anger. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) frequently repeated, “Don’t get angry.”

    (2) Refrain from speaking ill of Zidane (or for that matter anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim). It is one thing to mention public errors. It is another to backbite and slander. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) defined backbiting for us: “It is to mention something about another that they would dislike.” It is not a condition that it be something private or even that it be behind the person’s back. Both backbiting and slander are major sins and enormities (kaba’ir). So beware.

    Beware of knocking out your soul with a backbite (or a head-butt).

  • Zidane did win the Golden Ball ( best player in World Cup this year). He was an amazing player for France and a joy to watch no matter who you supported.
  • I hope sanity prevails. Moreover I hope Italy ( or Germany) win the World Cup next time as well :)

1 comment:

Hammad's Guru and Big Brother said...

The media does not follow the Prophets PBUH teachings in these matters. They want to sell their publications and they love these type of stories.

Zidane was a great legend and FIFA wants to bring closure to his career since he was the greatest European player ever and the best since Maradona and Pele. I also feel Europe is overly sensitive to racial and religious taunts in society especially in the face of world issues.

Whatever happened that day I am proud of Zidane for his great soccer skills, his achievements and the fact that he is a world famous Muslim with in a positive light.