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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Water and Sanitation situation in Gaza

I don't regularly follow the events in Palestine however recent events have captured my attention specially the Military Incursions into Gaza by Israel.

What really caught my attention was the military strike on a Power Plant which has led to a desperate Water and Sanitation situation in Gaza. The Special Envoy to the Middle East said the following:

"We have an emergency situation," Alvaro de Soto, the U.N. special envoy for the Middle East peace process, told Reuters. In addition to knocking out key power installations, de Soto said Israel has cut the pipeline that provides fuel to run the sanitation system. "Without fuel, the sanitation pumps don't function," de Soto said. "You have women, children and ailing people. That's pretty grave. And it needs to be addressed."

Please make Dua ( prayers) for the innocent Civilians of Gaza who are facing this unfair collective punishment. Secondly contact your local MP in order to make sure that Canada takes a reasonable stand on this issue.

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