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Monday, September 24, 2007

Book review: A long way gone

There are books whose contents leave unforgettable imprints in your mind. Ishmael Beah's book "A long way gone" is one of those books. The memoir, a true story reconuts the life of a child soldier who grew up during the Seire Leone civil War.

Ishmael writes with a lot of flow, which along with the interesting contents of the book, makes it very hard to stop reading the book, once you start . First hand accounts of death, seperation from family, rehabilitation and other effects of wars in the book leaves the reader shell shocked. News that one reads , hears and watches about wars can never do justice to the tragedy that war causes to millions on the ground. A must read for sure.

( Watch/read an interview of the writer here)


Humairah Irfan said...

It's a great book.
And another that I wont forget is a mix of painful stories and real world propagandas: Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis.

Anonymous said...

I saw an interview with him some months ago, just fascinating.

Ya Haqq!