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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La Adree Institute!

After all the hype (?), we are finally here. This organization will change the landscape of islamic learning in the West and East; North and South; Online and Offline. Its here!

La Adree Institute.

Translated into english La Adree means "I dont know".

The problem with our times is that there are a lot of people who think they know but they dont really know. La Adree Institute is here to teach people that they dont really know. So all we know is that we dont know either, so thats all we can teach you.

Whats our vision? We dont know.

Who came up with this idea? We dont know.

Who are our teachers? We dont know.

Whats our location? We dont know.

How many students do we aim to reach? We dont know.

Why are you using "we" Are there more than 1 person in the organization? We dont know.

When is the first class? We dont know.

Will the classes be weekend programs or halaqa style? We dont know.

Who can you contact for more information? We dont know.

Whats our brand? We dont know.

Whats our logo? We dont know?

Whats our website? We dont know.

Who heads La Adree Institute? We dont know.

What do you know? The only thing we can tell you about La Adree Institute is that we dont really know and we want you to know that you dont know either!

La Adree. Drown yourself! (in your lack of knowledge)


Raf3 said...

I got rejected again from La Adree... they say I don't meet the minimum requirements.
I must say that I really like your vision. The location is very very convenient and the class schedule suits my availability.
I guess we are finally seeing the official launch of La Adree Institute... but then, I dont know!
On a more serioius note, a huge number of youngsters out there are have a habit of say "i dont know"... which actually is due to the lack of having goals and since they do things without reason, they are already in La Adree... but i think thats a different kind of La Adree... its more of ignorance than La Adree... but I must say, I dont know!

khany said...

i should have intervened when there was still time!