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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daily Times: Truth will out

I have largely remained silent on the "Lal Masjid" issue on my blog. I have lots to say and will say it a later blog post inshahallah. However for now I will link to this article by Ejaz Haider who asks some very pertinent questions about the whole situation:

The government has closed the file on Lal Masjid. Time now to answer some questions.

As argued in this space, states use force or threaten its use and that is considered legitimate (the issue of legitimacy is of course linked to either a large majority of people approving the use of force in a situation or the state’s ability to do so without fear of being effectively challenged). Philosophers since Plato have noted that “politics involves managing coercive force because human condition involves conflicts of interests”.

But there is a caveat: force cannot be used gratuitously; it is a means towards an end and not an end in itself. This is true both of a state’s use of force against internal challenges and external threats..>READ ON

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