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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From "Who" to "What"

For every task we do in our lives there is usually a "who" to it and a "what" to it.

When one assigns tasks in a team we should make sure that the person "who" is assigned with a task is capable of doing "what" he or she is supposed to do. Many a times half way through a task the focus of people can become "who" should have done it rathar then "what" we are doing as a team. While the "who" is important to define, one shouldn't be caught up in it so much so that one is distracted from "what" one is doing as a team or an individual. The best teams I have worked in are ones where when the"who" disappears the "what" still gets done. At the end of the day you do want the people "who" could have done better to learn, but one shouldn't make them look bad or embarrass them but instead help them so the "what" can be done and perhaps if required, someone ( suitable) could sit with the "who" later to tell them "what" they should/could have done.

Another connection between the "who" and "what" is that one does "what" one is doing based on "who" else is doing it. So when the "who" else disappears, the "what" one is doing also dissipates. So the motivation in that task was really "who" and not something higher or noble.

At the end of the day, "who" should we be doing "what" for?


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