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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seeking Perfection

The following post has been written by a person full of imperfections.

Perfection is very attractive. We like to seek perfection in others. Many have sought perfection in people, only to be let down later. The problem is not with the individual whom perfection was sought from, but the problem is the the one who sought perfection. If we think that people we like or look up to, will be perfect, then we should stop ourselves right there-- and check.

The first check would be to look at the mirror and see if we are perfect ourselves. The answer is almost certainly n0. We make mistakes. We have imperfections. We slip. We fall. How can we then expect perfection from others, no matter where we think they stand or where we think they should stand.

So should we seek perfection form ourselves.?Perhaps we should. We should hold ourselves against the highest standards (i.e. the Sunnah). But again we should not be down and self defacing when mistakes happen. We fall, we learn, get up again and keep walking the straight path.

We see some people who are very negative about others are also negative and self defacing about themselves when they make mistakes. So there is a balance. Hold yourself to a higher standard. But don;t despair when you fall cause there has to be some good in it. As Shaykh Faraz says on SunniPath:

When He gives us blessings, our duty is to be grateful to Him.

When He sends us hardships, our duty is to be patient.

When He tries us with sin, our duty is to repent.

When He gifts us with acts of good, our duty is to thank Him.

Expect nothing from others. If you can help them raise their standard then do something, otherwise keep doing what your doing and work on yourself to raise yourself ( in the sight of Allah, not of others)

The Islamic concept of Tawba is beautiful in that sense since it acknowledges the possibility of a mistake and gives us a means of returning to the One who matters. The One who is the One who is actually perfect.


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