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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What is my state: solid , liquid or gas?

Anyone who has taken basic chemistry knows that there are three basic states substances exist in : solid, liquid and gas.

I was wondering the other day that if I ever had the choice would I want to be like be? Solid? Liquid? or Gas?

A solid is very concrete, however it cannot take the shape of the container it is put in. It may break if you put too much pressure on it. It is basically very stubborn and unable to qucikly adjust to varying conditions.

A gas on the other hand is too fluffy and might just flow away without anyone even noticing. In fact a gas may harm others without them knowing it. SOme gases might not do anyuthing for a long time but might explode all of a sudden if you put a mtch in them.

As for liquid:it flows. Flows towards it's goal if you give it the right slope. It can also flow around obstacles. It can adjust to varying conditions. It can turn into gas and solid if conditions require it to be and can be a liquid again at room temperature. It can react with liquids and gases as required. It can acquire a lot of good substances and yet still retain it's essence.

Needless to say-I would choose to be a liquid............

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