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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Habib Ali's analogy on Rizq

Taken from Habib Ali's transcribed lectures ( in the book " Wayfarers to God"). On Page 133 of this wonderful book, he describes rizq with an analogy:

Allah has given us a task and He is aware of our needs. Can you imagine Allah Jalla Jalalahu entrusting us with a task whilst neglecting to guarantee our sustenance?If someone were to represent a company or an institution- a big company in the eyes of the people of the world-in his own country and abroad-in order to conclude a business deal, to make a bid, or for research purposes, would the representative bear the burden of the expense? No, because he is confident that his large, wealthy company-in his eyes-will provide him with a ticket, living expenses, travelling expenses and will also reimburse him for his entire journey. He will travel with very little worry about expenses because he is confident that his company, as long as it has contracted him to do this task, is duty-bound to fulfil his needs. SubhanAllah ( Glory be to Allah), such is our certainty in creation- who have no ability whatsoever to benefit themselves, or to keep harm at bay- such is the strength of certainty in our hearts that no room is left to worry about expenses. This is because a component, able company has given us a task. What then, do you think of an Able Lord possessed of Absolute Ability? The Sublime Jala Jalalahu, Who gave us tasks in our life? Can you imagine Him setting us a task whilst failing to supply the necessary resources? It is incumbent upon you to have this understanding, as opposed to such fear of poverty enters your heart, or doubt in Allah's promise of rizq.
Amazing! isn't it?

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